A Guiding Force...

“I found myself saying, 'Of course! This all makes sense to me. I have so much clarity with this new insight about myself and the trajectory of my life.'

Sharon's Astrological readings will continue to be an important tool for better understanding my life. I have had three readings. I do this once a Summer. Each one I have used to have confidence in my decisions. Her witty and impeccable use of analogy to translate her readings to me has been such a nice guiding force. 

I really found the readings that correlate with my past life tendencies to be particularly helpful in understanding the quirks of my own personality and energy that I seem to have been born with. I recommend this as a tool for anyone seeking to better understand themselves! 

I refer to the recording of my readings from Sharon often. She is kind, clear and  informative.” 


Self Actualization...

“The information conveyed through Sharon's wisdom, her ability to articulate and read the chart was more than I could have ever imagined. It not only laid out the blueprint of the foundation of which I entered into this world but I found her knowledge of evolutionary astrology to be particularly helpful. I appreciate the insight of how I emerged into this life with certain tendencies and gifts and how to continue evolving my soul in the direction of self actualization.

Sharon's passion for astrology helped me understand how the planetary shifts effect us individually and collectively, and it has inspired me to continue to ask the deeper more wholistic questions. It helps me feel more grounded and connected when I use the planets as a guide to navigate this life's journey. As they say, ‘It's all in the stars.’”


I Understand My Life Path...

“Sharon Zimmerman has read my chart numerous times and I always walk away with encouragement and a feeling that I understand my life path a little more clearly. 

She has helped me by explaining what she sees in my chart on a level which I can understand. I have found the experience to be exciting! It's as if I am getting some insight and I have a better opportunity and ability to make choices.

I would recommend Sharon to any of my friends and family!”


Inspired and Excited...

“Sharon helped me to orient my thinking about my very challenging life circumstances in an entirely new way. It was a magical and insightful hour. At the conclusion of my reading, I was completely inspired and excited about my future possibilities.” 



Major Shifts...

“Thank you for the careful and thoughtful reading. I came away feeling like I received some major shifts in my understanding of my situation. I also felt you that you made the effort to “hear” what I was concerned with and went into detail to address that. Thank you so much.”


So Impressed...

“Sharon, I was so impressed with your astrological insights! I have had readings before but you quickly identified qualities in my chart that I didn't even know existed. I continue to have realizations about my life purpose and I feel more confident about my growth and how it fits into the bigger picture. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness!”