Astrology is My Passion

Sharon Zimmerman, Evolutionary Astrologer  Image Credit &     Copyright  :   Jen Peters Photography

Sharon Zimmerman, Evolutionary Astrologer
Image Credit & CopyrightJen Peters Photography

For the past thirty years, I have been a world traveler, learning about the rich diversity and spiritual enlightenment of global cultures. 

Throughout this time, I have also been an ardent student of astrology finding solace and increased self-knowledge from what I've learned. This path has become my passion and over the years I have shared my knowledge and gifts by providing clients with birth chart interpretations and in-depth consultations.

My astrological approach is through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology. Evolutionary Astrology examines the evolution of consciousness through previous lifetimes and the relevance of prior-life dynamics to the present life challenges and circumstances. Unresolved prior life issues play an important role in shaping our early life experiences, setting the stage for potential new choices to be made going into and through adulthood.

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