Birth Chart Interpretation

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A birth chart reading is a map of the sky, at the exact time and place you were born, and gives insight into the journey of your soul’s evolutionary past, present and potential future. This reading includes current and future trends and transits.

1 hour consultation, $140

Relationship Chart
of Two People

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Clients have used the comparison charts not only for romantic relationships but also to gain a better understanding of their significant relationship with another person.

1 hour consultation, $175

Child Reading

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This is suitable for newborns through early childhood. This consultation looks at the talents and challenges of the child, including the potential vocation and relationships.

1/2 hour consultation, $75


What may I expect from a consultation?

During our consultation, I will provide you with an analysis of your birth chart and current transits. Together, we will explore the meaning of your present life situations and potential events that lie ahead. Prior to your appointment, your charts will be sent to you for use during your consultation. If you wish, a recording can be made and emailed to you for your future reference. 

What do I need to begin?

The only information needed from you is:

  • Your date of birth

  • The exact time of your birth

  • The city of your birth

Usually your birth time is available from either your birth certificate, baby book or your birth town registry of records by phone or mail.

Where do we meet?

Consultations can be made in person in Vancouver, WA or by phone or Skype.

All consultations are strictly confidential. By request, all sessions are recorded and emailed to you.


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